Playgon Games enters South African Market - US next?

Major technology company in the internet gambling sector, Playgon Games has entered the South African online gambling market in a move that's being regarded as one which has a lot of potential upside for the firm.

Based in Vancouver, British Columbia (Canada), the company has already been posting impressive results in market that is still relatively young and which represents substantial potential.

There's a quite a bit of change afoot on the market presently, which is merely the most recent in an area that has been identified as having a whole lot of potential.

This development might find Playgon gain significant traction in South Africa, which through the years has always had a presence in the internet gambling industry, though during the last few years has seen newer markets such as Canada and Australia catch up with them.

Playgon is essentially a company that targets the ever more popular mobile live dealer technology and integrating this with current services that you can get in the South African market, will help operators to gain more traction in the marketplace.

They truly are teaming up principally with indigenous firm Intelligent Gaming Pty Ltd (IGL), and thus, IGL includes a certification letter additionally to board approval from the relevant regulators that will grant it approval, under their manufacturer's license to offer Playgon’s services and products to South African operators.

In South Africa, IGL has already been viewed as a major content aggregator in a sector that's believed to have market cap that currently stands at $2. 9 billion. Under their purview when it comes to clients, they assist the majority of operators in the South African market. Under this notably exclusive deal with Playgon, these will now benefit from the mobile live dealer technology that Playgon Games develops.

The first operator in South Africa that'll take advantage of Playgon’s technology will be casino and sports betting company Supabets, which will be among the major brands in the nation and which also provides services to Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Tanzania.

While this will very much be a litmus test, there's a specific amount of caution here, with mobile technology in some African countries never as widely available as in more westernized countries. There clearly was the suggestion that the advanced pc software that may look after such live casino products at these firms might not be as effective for mobile handsets which can be older and thus, this deal could be significantly ahead of its time.

Not surprisingly, CEO of Playgon Games, Dacy Krogh remains confident and highlighted that players in these markets will instantly recognize the worthiness that new technology can have for his or her online gaming experience.

He also eluded to the actual fact that the gaming growth on cellular devices in these markets has been “exponential” and that his company’s computer software has been developed to a typical that it can offer the ultimate mobile gaming experience.

Playgon to enter the US?

In another exciting move for Playgon, there are many reports that the business is also set to enter the potentially highly lucrative US market, which has seen a number of states receive online gambling approval lately.

An industry with market cap that is reportedly expected to reach $13 billion by 2025, this represents a significant move for Playgon, with Krogh eluding to the actual fact that it game-changing.

Already they've gained a lot of momentum in the increasingly active Canadian market and gaining market penetration south of the border will be thought to be a significant part of the company’s growth plans.