A lot of players at on the web casinos are unwilling to enter their personal payment techniques. While in the modern world the typical of payment security is on a par with something that a bank has to offer, you can still find players that prefer to err quietly of caution. So , how do they have the ability to make payments to on line casinos if they don’t enter their payment details? This really is through the use of prepaid cards.

NeoSurf is among the older on line payment methods on the market. Formed in 2004 it has several years of experience in the payment field. It has high levels of security and one of the simplest approaches to make deposits available on the market. It has become perhaps one of the most popular ways to make prepaid payments to on line casinos in the marketplace.

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What does NeoSurf offer?

NeoSurf allows players to create deposits to a prepaid payment method which could then be properly used to create payments at other on the web vendors. Because it doesn’t store any of the banking information that's used to help make the initial deposit there's absolutely no danger to the player at all even if the NeoSurf account is compromised.

It means that players can easily make deposits to online casino sites without the worries about banking information being stolen. On top of this additionally, it means that players don’t have to bother about banks looking into their activity. As some loans and mortgages don’t simply take kindly to seeing gambling on any bank statements, it indicates a deposit could be designed to the NeoSurf card with no final NeoSurf payment showing on any bank statements. Just what is a slight drawback is that withdrawals cannot be made to a NeoSurf card as it is purely a payment method.

Signing up with NeoSurf

If you wish to register at an on the web casino using NeoSurf it’s generally rather easy. Your first requirement is to make sure that the casino accepts NeoSurf as a payment method. Once you have discovered if it’s offered you then will need to consider funding a NeoSurf card that may then be utilized to make payments.

If the internet casino has know your customer policies in position then your NeoSurf card doesn’t really offer much in terms of problems. You will still need certainly to prove your identity, nevertheless the payment method won’t come into it as a concern. It's going to just mean that players will need to prove their identity, but yet another, linked, payment method will be needed to make withdrawals.

Once all of this has been carried out, players can start playing.


NeoSurf has a large amount of positives in place. Normally the one is that players don’t need to bother about their bank account becoming compromised. Because when buying a NeoSurf card players just purchase the card and then it can be used. The bank account isn’t from the NeoSurf account so there is absolutely no banking data stored that may then be stolen. This, on top of the other security that NeoSurf has in place, makes certain that players are kept very safe.

The deposit speed is very good when using NeoSurf. It generates deposits to the player account straight away. Despite the fact that it’s a third party payment method there are still no delays in terms of funding player accounts.

After keeping bank accounts safe the 2nd most significant aspect of what NeoSurf offers is that it doesn’t appear in your bank account what the NeoSurf card is used for. If you want to keep certain activities from your money then a NeoSurf offers this opportunity effortlessly.


In terms of negatives the only real problem with NeoSurf is that it doesn’t allow withdrawals to be completed. If you want to make a withdrawal after making a deposit with NeoSurf you will have to have another payment method available. This could mean linking your bank account to the internet casino, which would defeat the point of using NeoSurf to start with as your banking details will be linked to the casino then.

How safe is your information?

When utilizing NeoSurf your details is very safe. This is because NeoSurf doesn’t save yourself many information when you get a card. In the unlikely event of NeoSurf being hacked it indicates that there is no information designed for hackers to steal. Which means the worst case scenario could be you lose the amount of money in your NeoSurf card your bank account could be completely safe.

Should you use NeoSurf?

This will depend on what you desire from a payment method. If you like fast deposits that are completed safely and securely, then NeoSurf is surely a good method to choose. On top of this it also offers players the capability to keep their bank activity a secret which will be of use when applying for loans. However , if you want to have the ability to make withdrawals then NeoSurf doesn’t offer this to players and this means you'll need another payment method available.


1. Do I need to open a NeoSurf account to use it?

Kind of. You have to be able to sign in to NeoSurf to make a purchase. But the account doesn’t work in the same manner as other e-wallets. You merely purchase the card and so are supplied with a PIN which you can use to make payments.

2. Can I withdraw more than I deposited when using NeoSurf?

No you can’t. Actually you’re unable to make a deposit at all if you use NeoSurf. It’s for deposits only.

3. Can I use AUD with NeoSurf?

You are able to indeed. NeoSurf is available to Australian players with the use of AUD.