Privacy policy

Our privacy policy informs you about your privacy when visiting our website. We value your privacy particularly when you go to a website about online gambling. Also read our disclaimer.

Cookies on our website

Cookies are positioned in your browser so companies are able to track your activity. only uses s to track you on our website. By placing a we are able to observe long you stay on what page, where you originate from (country/region) and the sort of computer you employ (Windows/Apple/Mobile). With these details we are able to obtain a look at the traffic on our site. By this we are able to make our site better by finetuning the information so people will see the information they want more quick.

When you don't desire to be tracked, you are able to turn fully off all your s or use a ad blocker. We STRONLY advise you to not use any ad blocker or turning off your s, by this you won't be able to play any on the web casino and enjoying exclusive promotions.

Information sharing

We do never share any of the information we collect on our website. As the information is being hold for 3 months and afterwards deleted. Please mind that information is stored anonymously so that it can not be led back. We usually do not sell some of this information to anyone.

Online casino s/privacy

Please mind that is not a on the web casino itself or owned by a company that runs on line casinos. Therefore this privacy is only active for our site. When you click to an online casino you will be entering their privacy system. As we can guarantee a safe handling of your personal information we can't inform you about how exactly these businesses work their prviacy policy. You are able to look for a privacy policy on the web casino page.